Tuesday, October 18, 2011

spouse to be-

most of my friends start talking about their soulmate, crush, boyfriend to be of them . wtheck a world im stepping in? puhlis la. but im happy for them perhaps.because im also have the same feeling as them somehow, even i denied that. but im still looking for my spouse.yeaaah a father to my children *macam nak anak banyak, you! terkejut mak.HAHA, a husband to a gorgeous wife-bajetperahsantantakhabishabis.but serious. i really mean that. i dont want to be in some of the broken family outside there who did not give an enough love to their children.nauzubillahminzalik. ya rabb, please put me away from this kind of suck thing.

i do love admire people.but im also a human.who become tired to be seen only from his side view.macaaaam sadis. haha.but im not thinking about that for the wholy mine.because i had enjoy my life before. life is short, dont make it more shorter :D

jelaous gila dapat tengok kawankawan yang dapat share orang yang tersayang di hati diorang.im not talking about parent.please refer to my title.hihi.i didnt mean to show off.im just want to be like them .

but still, i'm single.
*really hope that.thanks the almighty !

saya cuma sayang dia sorang :D
#act, im waiting for someone.please making an effort to know me better:P gataiiii #
i want someone like him, but differ about the knowledge of religion.
i mean, nak yang muka macam dia, but ala2 ustaz gituwww. twiit kan? hihiks
i only can share him since now.

congrate to those who have the tuuuut;
my sista-hanis bukhori.ill always pray for you and the bro in law-to be .hihiks.fighting!
hannan dani-youre awesome in your own way,babe-i hope your dreams become true.i just can pray :D amin
intanabilah-be loyal my dear, just pray to HIM that he will love you ever after.ececen the rest,leave to HIM.
nadiaramli- dont trust people easily, you deserve the best.goodluck !
me- searching.............loading........HAHA.

#byebye.see ya then ,with <3.bie.


  1. I.Allah bie akei lebih bahagia phni. Dun worry, Allah akn beri yg terbaik utk bie. Just pray and pray. Dun be like me :D

  2. haha.ceiiit dun be like me? eh ? hahaha. intan doa kokre etek.okay ? hihi

  3. rina; haha. gini la ore single tapi hot.hahahahahahahahaha ! *angkat kening double jerk.

  4. wah, i da nmpk you mcm ziana zain bile angkt kening tu hihi. hmmm oke syg, i wish you happy2 ea, dun sedih2 ye :D moge dpt gapo huk bie nok hihi