Sunday, October 9, 2011

hasbiebukhori come back :D

buke nok suh sambut nga red carpet ko gapo, but i just wanna share with you ols outside there that i WAS GIVEN holidays for 3months.*ecececece.was given.macey xsey, .hihik.its kinda long im not BOBEling in.HAHA,and now, here i am :D please welcome me.

actually, i have no idea to update my blog.sajo jah.tengok blog ore lain mace segar berbungabunga segala bagai.haha.yup.busy dop  uia la kot.ececece.notim interesting to share.huk menarik pasal uia, CUTI,wahahahah.sangatlah xlamo mano.3bulan der-.-, wut i wanna do to pack my holiday?but as the time past,alhmadulillah xborink pon,hihi :D

sep mung, jum hangout :D HAHA.miss naimians,a lot.thats wut i really mean.sobbbs. see ya then.

special for naimians.hihi.KBYE

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