Wednesday, December 21, 2011

damn beautiful morning :)

heyyoww whasuup yoww peeps . #terus terlupa salam . ehem . assalamualaikum :)

I really hope that I'm not dreaming right now bebeh . yeahhh  and If so, please dont wake me up for no such an important thing as ADAANAKDATO' pinang aku. loL. oke no kidding. seriously, I also didnt know why I woke 'that' early this morning.Act, my mom wanna go to school and asked me to prepared the well-prepared break-the-fast to my siblings and my grandma. #suchagreatdaughterIam yeah I know. perahsantan gileeew .haha . I admitted that I spent almost 12 hours on sleeping and 12 hours more being alive.what a great expounder of time I am. please dont tell me the fact that I already know .#pengakuanberanimati loL anak sapa laa ni.

okay the all above nagging didnt related to my title at all. #pulokk ? haha :) guess what bebeh ?
ID RT my tweet ! teeeeet .ohmy he's really superbawesomehandsomeherogorgeous omo . okay tak faham ? ID tu IQRAMDINZLY. okay tak terkejut jugak ? memang hati kering la hampa semua.  hahaha *gelakorangBAHAGIA .okay la let 'nabda' min awwal " pheewww -.-'I decided to fill my morning with ber-TWEET la kononkonon .bajet orang semua dah bangun. Then , aku tengok ID pon ada masa tu. then, I tweet him for he didnt reply mine yesterday because there're too many timeline to replied #ayat sedapkan hati .aku tak mengharap pon *muka keciwa .then tetiba, he RT my tweet . omo, sumpah happy gilewwww titeewww shukeew awak la ID. titeww tak jadi benci awak laaa :)

kalau ayat biasabiasa okay lah jugak kan . guess what ? sekali dia reply, umphhh. he replied this ;

ALLHAMDULILLAH, TQ DEAR --- then RT mine .*omo, faint ! melt !

ID panggil aku DEAR !!!!!!! olololo thanks dear :) . #takpyhbagitawakudiapggilorglainapa

 I keep questioning myself this. I dont care about you those yang artis balas tweet korang. Im just too happy because he's ID .kau hado?He's the only Malay's actor that I admired since Imma cute school student . Im too excited. Even the word cudda not pay for that. serious ! Thanks for everything bby <3 ! for me, you really look stunning and handsome . Dont care others. They have problem with their eyes :p

p/s : Even I have 1million people incited me to ignore you, me wont change . perghhhhh .
seriously aku happy gileeew .lefchu, ID <3 !
lepas ni nak bangun awal lagi lahhhh :P 


  1. hahahh.. oke.. hehe. tahniah la~~ lalalalala~

  2. haha thanks dayah :) tahniah xtehenyo :P

  3. wah , patotlaa gepo kt fb . ID PAS CEROS . HIHI congrats then

  4. haha kalu aku, nopat nepik lamo doh. untunglaa bie :D

  5. mcah : mestyyy doh keno gege. ID kotttt. kalu ore lain aku xkisoh lamo doh . haha thanks then :)

    ten : buke setakat nopak ten .glepa siap . hahaha untung ? haha jeles lettew !