Thursday, December 1, 2011

past is past :')

truly speaking, i feel so hard to let the november goes. i dont want to leave that month because my day on it .i know i cant stop it happens because my precious december is coming my way . hihiks.btw, thanksss to my parents for that superb blues ! yeaaaah . shhh for those who know that blues . and to him, who made a CRAZYbirthdayprank to me. haha im really appreciate your effort, man :D that was not a figment of imagination.  i really have no idea how you handle that. so muchy muchy thank youuu :Pp haha and i cant help my feeling being   aggrieved towards of  my bestiz didnt wish to me :( but i know she didnt purpose to do that. i just can simply give you my forgiveness :Ppp  hihiks. sokay dear :) not forgotten, thankssss for those wishes, hopes,sarcasticm words on that day; 28 november 2011  <3 .

actually, im updating this entry just to spill these words out :

                   helloooo december :)

                                      please make my heart smiles with you :W

 When the hope has stopped, there's nothing much I can do except letting you go . Things were meant to happen .Everyday we learn something so that we'll keep improving to be a better person.  bye boy .