Sunday, December 18, 2011

keep smiling :)

I'm happy with my GIRLFRIENDS .
 They REALLY made my DAY .
 lebiu laaaaah guys.kiss sikit mwahmwah :*

yeaah. I celebrated una's bfdey yesterday. *already 18th Dec . but the guestS who came to my hommy were part of myfriends, my k.long's friends, k.long's boyPRANK  hehe and my relatives, and for sure not una's friends . hehe*memang takde pon  .I enjoyed it much , seriously. Because naddy, cheten ,and yaa made my day. Thanks guys. I dont know why but I really miss my naimians budd(IES) much ! I wanna LEPOK withhh you guys mehhh . This made me hate the given holidays much ! ---> uia 
3months by doing nothing is really SUCK ! #sigh

Naddy's still the same .memang tak pernah terhapus dek kekuyalan . sumpah !
Yaa, long time no seeeeee :P you look more biuwtipul la bby . are you taken ? story mehh :P or SPA have made the rule that a nurse shud be that kind of chumell, yaa? HAHA
Cheten's my partner of gossiping the unNECESSARIly stuff . she's shooooooo cool . drive by herself . bukanmacamaku.sentuhsterengkeretamacam gampanggggggg :(

I envy with una . she got SMURF , dolls , gowns *sigh* , bicycle *! , and many moremoremoremore .

## What if I'm planning for my birthday party for my 20th part ? perhaps ?
oke not funny T.T till then yaa :)

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